About Woorim

Challenging the time that future holds.

Time held in the future can be grasped only by those with adaptive mindset, serious attitude and the willingness to take on the challenge. At Woorim, we are ready to take that challenge based on our reverence for the customers, humble regards to the market and commitment to continuous improvement and optimization.

In that journey toward a greater future, we at Woorim have created a cornerstone of Korea’s fashion culture over the past 30 years. Layered on top of our solid foundation of watch and jewelry business, we launched the F&B business in 2020, expanding our horizons with greater cultural significance in the future.

Life and the world are unfurled with continuum of time.
The future we actively challenge is destined to evolve into a positive period of enrichment for both life and the world.

At Woorim, we engage in thoughtful communication.

By communicating based on understanding and compassion for one another, we strive to share information and collaborate with efficiency in mind.

Woorim is ready for challenges.

Continuously challenging ourselves, even when facing failures, we are ready to learn, comprehend and strive for improvement.

Woorim continues to grow.

We at Woorim focus on innovation and growth by embracing new opportunities, methods and values, instead of standing still absorbed in past deeds.