Organizational Values

We at Woorim FMG are moving forward to realize the vision as a ‘cultural company’ that passes along future, love and happiness to all our customers and employees.
We intend to cultivate and nurture new recruits to realize such vision in concerted effort now and future.

  • Consultation


    Explain clearly and specifically, responding in pleasant manner.

    Make it a habit raising questions and try to ask good questions.

    Resolve issues based on mutual collaboration and empathy.

  • Challenge


    Set and accomplish challenging goals.

    Unafraid of pioneering new frontiers.

    Elevate individual and company values through systematic approach to work.

  • Growth


    Maintain positive learning attitude towards all tasks.

    Continue learning to elevate individual capabilities, contributing to company’s growth.

    Continue growing sound decision-making capabilities based on unbiased and pinpoint data.